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Procurement Services

WHA’s Procurement Department is responsible for competitively procuring supplies, services, and construction in support of the WHA’s business and residents. Our overall objective is to ensure that goods and services are obtained expeditiously and economically, that operational requirements are satisfied, and that applicable federal and state procurement requirements are met.

  • We maintain a competitive bidding process in accordance with Federal & State laws and regulations
  • It is our policy to encourage participation to qualified contractors in the bidding process
  • We emphasize opportunities for Section 3 business, small businesses, and disadvantaged & women-owned businesses.

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For more information about Doing Business with WHA, contact us at:

WHA Procurement Services

400 North Walnut Street

Wilmington, DE 19801



(302)429-6701 ext. 1001 – voice

(302)429-6815 – fax

Public Access to Procurement Information

Most procurement information that is not proprietary is a matter of public record and shall be available to the public to the extent provided in the Delaware Public Information Act.